Details marks the difference, right?

We started the BFH in 2021, because we wanted to give a unique dance festival experience for the people who haven’t had it before, but not as crazy expensive as they usually tend to be here in Nordics.

We wanted to do something new and revolutionary!

Bachata Flow Helsinki

A weekend where you can level up your dancing skills with talented artists and intensive training. Enjoy and explore the Special Theme Social Dance Parties, Spectacular Shows and Animations. Go with the Flow!

Meet and mingle with new people and in the best case scenario experience something unique that you will still remember years after.

We are promoting Salsa | Bachata | Kizomba culture in Finland!

Big Idea and Community

One of the key ideas behind this event is to grow the existing dance community and find new people to join, create awareness of Bachata | Salsa | Kizomba cultures in Helsinki and Finland.

Thanks to everyone being part so far, all the local dancers and visitors from abroad, especially to you! Because without your support these events wouldn’t have happened and then of course also to the amazing artists, volunteers, partners we have had privilege to work with.

We are a community of passionate dancers from Finland and would like to invite you to a festival you will never forget!